Center for Protein Folding Machinery

Training in Nanomedicine

Undergraduate and Master Student Summer Research Program in Nanomedicine

Training Goals: We are seeking students to train in interdisciplinary research in nanomedicine with a special focus on protein folding machinery.

Faculty Mentors: Any faculty members in the Center who are interested in the structure, function, dynamics and new design of protein folding machinery.

Training Location: Laboratory of any participating faculty in six institutions.

Student Qulification: Completion of two years of undergraduate study in any field of science or engineering with a minimal overall gpa of 3.2.

Training Activities: Conduct research under a faculty mentor for a period of 10 weeks. Attend weekly meeting with other trainees from different campuses via the internets. Write up a research report at the end of the summer.

Stipend: $5,000 / 10 weeks

We are not currently accepting applications.